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Practice Management 
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The Total Solution For Your Practice


SolutionsEON Systems Inc. offers a complete software package to turn your practice into a digital office! That’s why we called our software package “The Digital Office,” because that’s exactly what it is.

This  3-tier package is designed to perform all the administrative functions in your office, such as patient registration, scheduling, billing, management, S.O.A.P. notes, document storage including X-Rays to name a few–all working in unison to collectively develop a database of information shared by every component of this package. No more “in-and-out” of individual software programs to access particular information. This package does it all seamlessly!

What’s more, this package, developed by a chiropractor who knew the problems a complex administration system can cause, is designed to follow the same sequence of actions your practice takes to schedule, see, treat, bill and reschedule patients! It automatically follows the procedures of your office, fast and effectively!

EON Systems - The Practice Solution

Complete Billing, Scheduling and Practice Management Software.


EON Systems - Documentor

Fully Customizable SOAP and Narrative Writer .


. .

EON Systems - Document Solution

Document Storage & Management, Including X-Rays



455px-Gold_seal_policy_v4.svg“DJR has partnered with EON Systems, Inc., an amazing software company that now offers the best, fully integrated, multi-specialty, template-driven electronic health records & business management program offered in the USA.

“Together DJR and EON Systems created the Platinum Edition software for an amazing price or low monthly payments.

“The software comes pre-loaded with hundreds of CPT codes for PT’s, MD’s and DC’s, a wide range of diagnostic tests, 250 EHR template records, notes and protocols for all types of providers as well as DJR Exclusive ProForms Plus office forms for ADL evaluations, ROM tests and more to reduce documentation time and ensure accurate and rapid coding, claims processing and collections for your office.”

– Dr. Dennis Rodden


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