Increase your practice efficiency with
The Digital Office™Management-Software

There are many different types of practice management software to choose from.

You should choose the software that will do what you need it to do, with room for expansion, customization and growth, so that it flows and grows with your practice.

The Digital Office was designed to function with your practice so you can fit the software to your needs, not the other way around.

The Digital Office is a suite of fully integrated, E.H.R. compliant software with options that you can choose from to customize your software suite for your needs.

It can include:

Practice Management & Billing  –  The Practice Solution™

  • Electronic Appointment book
  • Text & email messaging and reminders1
  • 835 & HIPAA compliant 837 Electronic Billing
  • 5010 billing format
  • Insurance Follow-Up Center
  • Credit card payments within the program
  • Inventory control center
  • Barcode scanning of inventory2
  • Custom professional letter writer
  • Query custom report writer
  • Statistics Center
  • Electronic Patient Intake to download patient information from the web
  • Handles the unique needs of multi-discipline practices

Documentation, SOAP & Narrative Writer  –  Documentor™

  • Create custom notes from templates or start from scratch
  • See the full note as you write it
  • Create note from SALT watching it change as you click the changes
  • Randomizer that makes each note truly unique
  • Includes images and drawing capabilities
  • Create narratives, exams, treatment plans, exercise instructions and more!
  • Automatically generates electronic fee slip from your signed note3

Digital Document Storage & Viewing  –  Document Solution™

  • View MRI’s & X-rays in native DICOM® format
  • Stores images in over 18 formats including: .doc, .docx, pdg and jpg
  • Edit images
  • Store and view notes4
  • Send and receive faxes and emails
  • Convert Faxes into emails and vice versa
  • Send Text messages
  • Scan documents
  • Track routing of documents
  • Send reminders for appointments
  • Send all active patients messages
  • Send all inactive patients messages
  • Send Birthday messages
  • Ability to encrypt files
  • Audit Log for patient file access management
  • Quick link to remote website for Technical Support Assistance

Some of the items listed above are options that you can choose as part of your custom software package.

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1 This feature requires Practice Management & Billing and Digital Document Storage & Viewing.
2 This requires additional hardware.
3 This requires Practice Management & Billing and Documentation, SOAP & Narrative Writer.
4 This requires Documentation, SOAP & Narrative Writer.