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EON Systems - The Practice Solution

The Practice Solution™


Can you check a patient in, enter their services and payment, print a receipt and reschedule them in 10 clicks or less?

Do you know which insurance companies are paying you and which are dragging their feet?

Do you or your staff know immediately when someone misses an appointment?

If not, you need The Practice Solution!


Billing, Scheduling and Practice Management Software that takes fewer clicks to get the job done.

  • Data entry is fast and easy. No codes to memorize.
  • Powerful automated appointment book with up-to-date statistics on visits and more.
  • Patient reminders by text or email (when used with Document Solution).
  • Billing is fast and easy, whether paper or electronic, including HIPAA 5010.
  • Electronic EOBs (835 electronic remittance advices) posted to your software.
  • The revolutionary Insurance Follow-up Center makes checking on your insurance payments a snap.
  • Re-billing and tracing are completely automatic.
  • Credit Card processing saves double data entry and prevents mistakes.
  • Manage your office by easily tracking statistics.
  • Makes it possible to increase your collections %.
  • Used by Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Pediatric PT, Acupuncture, Multi-Discipline and other practices.

‘The insurance follow-up and scheduler capabilities are my favorite! I save so much time! Billing and follow-up is easy, patients and their schedules are easily tracked. What more could I ask for?” – J. V., Office Manager.


Call (800) 955-6448 right now to speak to a software consultant about implementing The Practice Solution.


EON SystemsThe Practice Solution (TPS) was the first practice management software based solely on the natural flow of an office. We call this “Flow Sensitive”. “Flow Sensitive” means that the flow of the software follows the flow of the office. This concept eliminates the need for time wasting and unnecessary clicks and redundant menus.

Long heralded as the vanguard in the field of billing, coding and practice management software, The Practice Solution has been in use for over 25 years.

Here are just a few testimonials from our clients about TPS:
‘I couldn’t be happier with EON Customer Service. I love TPS in my office and I am looking forward for more products from EON Systems.”– Dr. L
‘I think the software is extremely easy and user friendly. My favorite part is billing. The program [TPS] is very well thought-out and shows logical progression.” – Jeannie
‘We have been using EON Systems [TPS] for the last 13 years and this is the company we recommend to others.” – Rainey
‘The TPS Billing and Insurance Follow-up Center. Make it easy to send and track claims, removing the manual effort of searching and compiling unpaid claims for submittal. Any bill can be traced in seconds to find out its progress and status. You will no longer wonder, “Have I gotten paid on that yet?” You will know.

The fully automated electronic Appointment Book is the central element of TPS at the front desk. If a patient is late your staff will know instantly. Never again will you ask your staff, “Hey, whatever happened to Irene?”

The Custom Letter Writer of TPS makes those necessary but tedious letters easy. Now those ‘Welcome to the Office”, “Thank You for the Referral” and education letters can all go out on time. Even the overdue payment reminders and “Return to Work” letters become as easy as 1…2…3.

With Statistics and Graphing, TPS automatically collects a long list of statistics important for managing your office. How many patients did you see last month? How many of those were new patients? How about the same time last year? You wouldn’t drive your car without gauges, don’t run your clinic without statistics.

Never hand count your inventory again with the TPS Inventory Control Center. If you sell vitamins, belts, pillows or even braces you will find the Inventory Control Center invaluable. Save time and money with its restocking and vendor order alerts and never lose a sale again because you ran out of something your patient needed. Use a barcode scanner to input new stock and enter sales made.

Add in the Electronic Claims Submission and the Electronic EOB’s and you are quickly on your way to The Digital Office.

TPS allows you to select the modules you need to fulfill your office needs now, without having to purchase some “package” that contains software that you don’t need at this time or may never need, depending on your practice.

The Practice Solution, when used as part of The Digital Office makes running your clinic a breeze. Take the next step and see how EON Systems can help you move into your ideal office. Check to see the hardware recommendations needed to get the most out of The Practice Solution.

Contact EON Systems’ sales department for more information, or request a demonstration.